Friday, July 6, 2012

review and comment.

why these politicians want divert mind from reality and basic requirements.they give such controversial statements which only indulge people away from facts. example one minister stated that high court bench in rampur,it prevented work in court due to strikes.already thousands of cases pending judges get salary other least bothered.supreme court ordered inquiry in taj corridor,c.b.i. investigated wealth case more than income.they not know political people have so much advisers not easy to detect such.even a common man knows how to manipulate wealth the politically motivated agencies investigate only fact it looks that internally all politicians are of same understanding and internally cooperating.such are only highlighted in which results will be in favor.public knows well but no alternate to keep democracy is universal truth that wealth is immaterial and was of no use like karoon in the end he got same true for human death.the god particle will prove that all have to recycle and nothing is immortal.latest today i read in news now attention will be given towards NAMES OF NEW CITIES IN PREVIOUS GOVT. let such court and law decide.if any working in previous tenure govt courts can decide the reality.the attention needed most by central or states is to give attention on corruption,productivity,acceleration of projects,environment,rivers,hygiene,monitoring,routine visits to nigams other public services dept.reward to well doers demotions to non efficient,to control economy,health housing and other common causes.why to concentrate on such that the time of houses may be disturbed in such events which nothing is to get to common attention or to find out measures to get the best quality in public works the main source of extraction of black money.up till when the minds will be diverted of mass in such which only give publicity.laws can be made for stopping further such which the ruling do for popularity among their voters.the educated voter understand well the realty and not believe in succession or parivarwad. is India having few families only who will rule the country.are they only genius or extraordinary.hope many fill it sour but it the result of the mentality left by English divide divert minds and keep on ruling.such can only end that citizens of India may send less est corrupt to houses out of option if not upto the mark it will be better for nation to send no party candidate,we have seen more then six decades the rule,even great economists failed before politics.only few want to enjoy portfolios India could not any nonpolitical candidate for president who must not have enjoyed political posts. do we not have any educationist scientists technocrat or any professional with outstanding background.if foreign companies or Indian private sector can run their enterprises in profits and increase mew units every year why governments only loosing and even in such which the other sector is gaining.IN REALTY NONE IS CONCERNED BY HEART TO FIND MEASURES OR REMEDIES BECAUSE THEY ARE GETTING RETURNS IN FORM OF SALARY FOREIGN TOURS SECURITY HOUSING OTHERS.NOW ALSO NOT TOO LATE AND MANY AMENDMENTS AND REFORMS CAN BE DONE TO BECOME THE WORLD BEST DEVELOPED NATION.REQUIRED ONLY IS WILL AND EAGERNESS TO SERVE THE NATION. JAI OF WHATEVER U LIKE.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

how to hope for

since long i had been active for highlighting problems to administration,secretariats others.i am well connected with concerned.i often email,write letters,share photos,make phone calls others.but what i observed that majority of service class is inactive immunized not to work find excuses take advantage of system.the tendency is to pass on to one another.not taken seriously even by higher authorities.i was out for court,the street dog died due to some accident near my house i lied for lore than 2 days.concerned passed by.private demanded huge amount due to its stinking position.the carcass was in hands of daughter phoned to officers,they passed on giving other numbers at last one number of health officer given,he heard story of problem but instead of taking any action asked to send in writing,see the responsibility.if any was to be needed then it must have been taken on site.if thought fake then the mobile no. of informer was on mobile must have called back or must have been got checked by local supervisor whose duty time was.but why to take pains sitting in offices,what for such a big to hope for change if even senior officials are not immune to work,inactive in taking decisions,finding methods to delay or pass on to wait to subside the work.the end was after spreading pollution and germs the remains were consumed by dogs itself in such a posh area like kamla nagar,this is the position of historical city like Agra.principally it was duty of the concerned department of cleaning who are in areas regularly.but due to mismanagement and no fear none take pains.only indulged in any how saving in for their placement and citizens have no time to put forward SUCH PROBLEMS. to prevent from work is to ask to send in writing because they know well that none will take such easily because not such system to record or acknowledge.i know how much patience and pains to get any thing acknowledged in govt. dept t.i have such many records which not resolved for years/even decade due to reasons behind of opening of wrong procedures adopted or corruption involved.up-till when the concerned will take benefit of systems.i aware them that in this advanced stage if any wants can take help of call details on mobile even if not attended or found switched off in office hours.some measures are to be taken for such civil responsibilities if any is citizen or civil servant.hope that the governments and higher authorities will check such if want to improve the working system.the manpower of government servants to be utilized and made answerable.if not done then hope for the worst.i doubt that then work will be completed only on records if seniors will not on visits in different areas.sites regular checks now very necessary.public servants are paid by public for seeing the problems not to enjoy salaries or duty hours limits.government servant means to work for civil and public works.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

how to improve.

हम अगर आज के समाज में परिवर्तन चाहते है then we will have to change our systems thinking and will have to work for up-gradation of society.only promises for votes or projects yojnas will not work.much of it are out of reach of downtrodden and the mediators or street so called netas are enjoying it. such to be distributed through a govt. agency monitored by retd, or social people. very few in India are secular due to education not up to the standard or not taught right history. education can only bring them to the level of knowing the facts.if the students are taught by teachers that kutub minar was not built by qutub uddin then how to hope to compete for competitions.
                       i agree it have been right that built on debris of some old building,it is fact that many historical buildings were made on old debris or demolishing of old forts etc. it is even done today that on old unrequired sites new buildings are made. Agra fort on wallabgarh for remains is was due to high level and not possible to fill low areas.even taj part was built on old haweli of raja man Singh family,he was allotted new land. it was always done to extend the buildings it does not mean illegally occupied otherwise it must have been written by then historians.
                                                    so only proper education facility for health housing good environment can change the people. it will also reduce crime. reservation for any can temporarily help but in long run reduces the competing or surviving capacity. any government in power to reduce the direct help but invest in such projects which may provide facility for mass. prices of commodity hospitals schools books housing projects for all can work.corruption is always in never reaches fully to the needy.if the level of education is upto the mark the decision power for even voting will change.good majority stable governments will come in state and central.mass will understand the agenda ideology thinking's of political parties.the system of voting on caste CAN in my view more monitoring is needed by nonpolitical people to end the favors.much can improve if we think only for country development apart from caste creed community or region.the deterioration of working efficiency in government and distribution of votes bringing down the representation ratio and coalitions GOVERNMENTS IS DUE TO ONLY DIVISION OF VOTES DUE TO SUCH.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

muslims in india

to come in main stream the Muslims will have to come on values of Islam.they will have to leave dependency on obligations of any party. the religion Islam itself tells to get self dependent. the fitra,khairat and money coming from qurbani is sufficient to upgrade the community.i have personal experience to survive in my life in very adverse conditions and faced many hindrances hate due to being Muslim. i understood always and had to work very hard. i had been associated with many other communities and due to lack of education,not knowing the facts and due to misguided folk i always felt the very less are genuine.the hatred was always in mind of some part of society which reaches to extreme in the times of elections.this all is due to attract or unite one community for votes because since three decades the elections are not on agenda work or programes but only on to divide the community. many political party members though they show that they are pro muslims but none have done concrete to upgrade Muslims for education health or living. the Muslims community is also RESPONSIBLE FOR IT. THE DEMAND OF TWO NATION THEORY ALSO STARTED FROM UNITED PROVINCES. LATE JINNAH HAD ONLY PERSONAL AMBITIONS AND THE MUSLIMS FACED THE CONSEQUENCES. THOSE WHO WERE AGAINST PAKISTAN DUE TO DENSE MUSLIMS POPULATION the area like frontier and n.w.p. was included in Pakistan.the cream population of India due to safety causes during partition migrated to Pakistan or elsewhere which created lacuna OF PEOPLE TO GUIDE MUSLIM COMMUNITY. LARGE PERCENTAGE LEFT IN INDIA WAS OF POOR OR ARTISANS.INDIAN MUSLIMS NEVER GOT A NON POLITICAL LEADER TO GUIDE OR UPGRADE THEY ONLY GOT LEADERS WHO WERE WITH SOME POLITICAL PARTY AND IT IS DEFINITE THAT THEY WERE PRO PARTY.AND NEVER HAD THEIR ANY PERSONAL VOICE. IF ANY PARTY HAD BEEN SERIOUS ABOUT PARTY AND THE SO-CALLED RELIGIOUS LEADERS MUST NOT HAVE KEPT THEM AWAY FROM EDUCATION  FOR THEIR PERSONAL AMBITIONS OR BENEFITS THEN SINCE INDEPENDENCE MUCH MUST HAVE CHANGED AND MUSLIMS BY NOW MUST HAVE COME IN MAIN STREAM.NOW MUSLIMS MUST UNDERSTAND THE POLITICS AND THE MUSLIM VOTERS WHO ARE DECIDING PART MUST USE THEIR BRAINS AND MUST NOT GET IMPRESSED BY FAKE LOLLYPOPS.

                                                if reservation had been beneficial then the Muslim leaders who were in better position then in congress must have demanded it.principally they were against any split in Muslims due to such like reserved class or unreserved class.even in long Muslim rule no such reservation was given.again i repeat that Muslims have the-capacity to compete and improve if they use their resources brain and fact nearly the government jobs are very less instead they should educate their children and bring to the level of high class to become officers admins engineers etc. the community got a halt due to large migration of educated rich class only those left had to look after their trusts properties others.due to some reasons i cannot write the reason of large migration.the situation was of that like and my family have personal experience and memories.the family winded up a large business and had to give big property to custodian.forgetting the past we will have to open our eyes and to survive will have to find own means instead of depending on any political party.all party have some such who only have personal ambitions and have nothing to do with any community. if this not have been then from rags they must not have been billionaires. vote only to form a best government without any expectatioons which muslims can never get due to some hidden elements who have hatred for the community and it is a reality. one party give a issue the other make propaganda the community is going to get nothing.beware of such elements who were only faithful to money since the times of maharajas,Moguls or British.hey are STILL GROWING BY KEEPING AWAY THE PEOPLE FROM REAL NEEDS OF COUNTRY LIKE EDUCATION,HEALTH CORRUPTION AND SURVIVE IN ALL PARTY RULES.GUESS.............

Friday, November 25, 2011

a new trend. is this fair in true democracy.

                       what all is happening with leaders representing lakhs of is an offense to publicly humiliate any. this has happened with all party leaders. some laughing some saying as answer or some saying a way of protest. all wrong this is to lead the youth towards wrong take laws in hand and to humiliate any personally means no fear to punishment or law. definitely somebody is giving back support to such to bring disturbance in the country. why we vote for such if we think they are not right or thieves as one culprit said before media yesterday. media is also taking all such episodes in headlines for t.r.p. yesterday in many t.v. programmes with anchors and few other participants were highlighting as anger of people. what if you are angry you will beat people,leaders or concerned.this is all immature leadership of some organizations who are pro American who are here in India to create disturbance.why we not utilize our voting power why we not send strong governments best of available candidates to fight for corruption price hike employment others.

                                        it is true and fact that the developed are jealous of the best democracy in the world. by creating through some immature and young they want to prevent the development of country as going ahead very fast in all fields.all know that India is going to become world biggest power. since the time of British the efforts were to divide then on the basis of religion resulting the formation of Pakistan. we have such a constitution that we all power in our hands but we never utilized it. we have the habit of flowing in one direction or emotions.yesterday in many t.v. programmes and many on press said that people are now out of limits and unable to face the problems. and were comparing such as a start like Egypt Lebanon others. the situation there is entirely different because the power have not gone to true representatives constitutionally or to the elected representation by fair is fact what all happened there have finished all their industry development others due to such protests. it is also way to to make the countries backward by doing such agitations as happened in Arab world.the present coming govt will take decades to compensate the losses occurred in these countries. u.n.o. never tried for such during the tenures of dictators or long stay as heads. have any thought they preferred only fight or revolts the reason behind is the sale of weapons to such people. the biggest examples of such is Afghanistan Iraq OTHER ARAB AND AFRICAN COUNTRIES.the aim of such support from backdoor was only for their benefits oil control, currency and control economically on these states. the helping countries always took benefit of the help after the war for so called independence was over. there was other ways to aware people and pressurize the dictators to go for democracy.

                                                the countries whosoever got Independence after long agitations AND WAR BACK TO CENTURIES IN DEVELOPMENT AND STILL PEACE HAVE NOT OCCURRED IN EGYPT IRAQ AFGHANISTAN OR OTHER my concern to give examples of middle east is not to give direction to young. Anshan agitations are good for attention but not in such way that people start taking law in hands. by such ways the control goes in hand of inefficient powerful people and the aim to remove corruption,price hike will come in hands of those who have earned lot through n.g.o. corruption and even crime. such can become more active to save themselves or to divert from their past activities.shelter to such who humiliate or even come in public by such throwing shoes slaps is only to get t r p.. the media is also getting cheap episodes.
                                     such situation if practiced or allowed and no strict punishment then such activities like protests jams agitations and opposition of leaders to whom majority have elected in democratic way can retard the development of country. the price hikes in our country ids due to mediators and stockists in a planned way during the time of harvest the prices are brought down and when the farmer finishes his stocks the prices go high. this is all due to no control on prices and limit of profit margin..their is even 200%  difference between raw,wholesale.m.r.p. mentioned are also very parameters to control between cost of production and sale value.the prices were never so high when the sale was with petty sellers or small business people. since the trend of outlets and big mall etc who have high expenses for depreciation,losses which can occur,big expenses for manpower and showrooms others the prices by them have become criteria for others also who have less other expenses.
                                                                               the best for all leaders social workers political parties in country welfare is to condemn such acts which are antisocial, against law,and can put up their voices in a decent way and the ruling governments to hear and analyses the demands made by such in democratic way with consultation of opposition parties and all leaving their egos and in country welfare should cooperate to find out solutions for such demands which people make. the scenarios scene in last few years can weaken the democratic systems. seeing the vast population growth and such a big country it is not a easy task to manage everything.such should not happen that may retard the growth of country and the hidden enemies of country inside or abroad may get advantage. the liniencies always cost great losses in long way the biggest example of which is Pakistan who is facing the threat of terrorism by giving allowances to the terrorists leaders and other outfits and now in trouble.
                                             all is good in healthy way and in a democratic way. if people will start following one person it leads towards dictatorship technically.the best attention needed is towards black money saving of taxes recovery of taxes monitoring of projects use of budgets for right needs.people-have to keep faith in any party of their choice and by good governance all is possible.the citizens can also help by reducing their ambitions undue as per their earning that itself will reduce corruption. now it is the time to think for country..much people an help by saving such for which we have to pay in gold.people will have to look for self employment.government can improve by giving good education to provide good health through their hospitals already sufficient in our country.maximum attention needed that help may reach to people not6 only on will be better to stop such helps and subsidies which are not related to common man and not essential commodities.the existing taxes are sufficient to control the economy if corruption and those immune not to work or NO PUNCTUALITY TOWARD THEIR DUTIES are managed to give results.  . the government machinery is needed to be made answerable WITHOUT ANY GRUDGE OR OTHERWISE. the departments responsible for getting taxes can change the scenario by proper management. the besat can be achieved by sending proper representation choosing the best out of available for local bodies,assemblies or parliament.nothing can change in few months it takes planning management and awareness to control all.

Monday, August 29, 2011


in my previous blogs notes and articles etc. i have written a lot on crime bribe corruption terrorism others.i review my views again with some new bribe came in our society it was since long but was rare,in Mogul period also it was practiced the history increased in the time of British.they were here to rule and most of the officers were from middle class.they use to get high posts though they were not eligible for it.many of them married in india.they started bribe system from offices courts others.the start was more in kind in way of valuable gifts.the indian subordinates use to collect in the name of theirs took some share and passed on to their officers.the memsahibs use to purchase from this amount paid by their subs who collected.the peshi system started in courts was since then.the daily collection from respective courts employees or mediators  or others use to buy daily need articles of the list given to them at home.that system is still in lower courts and never objected by any inside or outside became as fees on date of cases whether any action or not.still continues.when common sees then why those sitting on seats never prevented.if any opposes he is punished by giving long dates this is also the reason of delays in civil and collect orate cases.bribe have different names as suvidha business promotion,commission,service etc.generally large percentage of bribe is taken in wrong benefits like saving of taxes undue advantage,early work or to keep pending whatever is favorable or to save time of running.the lower level bribe is most in such departments involved in local courts max in criminal cases to delay the sentence.or production of fake medicines,fake licenses no registrations black work generally called no. 2,use of banned products or working commercially in wrong areas,fake schools n.g.o. s,wrong appointments not deserving for the post bye passing the right candidate,overloading in public vehicles like buses autos trucks illegal driving certificates.the criminals terrorists take advantage of it most.this prevent to get arrested or punished for long time till they get caught by right people.the maximum bribe is only given by opportunists anti socials thefts of electricity water others.generally wrong only get in hands to pay bribe so as always i say that bribe donor is big culprit because to get benefits only he give bribe commission gifts promotion suvidha etc.

                                                                                                                         i had been industry seen my parental business earlier,worked in higher position for big industries,go to courts for my property cases and had been associated with social works etc. i have observed that the behavior in all departments is due to donors due to which those who do not want to entertain are helpless to give otherwise they face consequences .many times when i objected for such after some course of time i was tried to harass but due to my proper and correct work and payments nothing worked out.if you are paying right nobody can ask for such .but for getting work done go through proper channel as per rules and keep patience my 99 percent works are completed without any bribe except some delays.generally the service class is so greedy and immuned if they see any being very rigid for not giving the weapon they only have delays.but in the end the work is to be done if you  continue to not get tired of running a start by few can change the scenario.this i always quote that start from yourselves to end corruption then only laws will work.simply pledges utsavs gatherings slogans will not be a success till we star noncooperation. the Gandhian way adopted for independence.the ideology that worked and read and researched all over the world.the success to it only if we participate without taking any post portfolio or any benefit professionally without any ambitions.this Gandhi ji showed personally for coming bribe is in which two people have participation if one denies it can finish and end.this can only happen if both leave their greed and ambitions and have fear of either god or law or love for nation to end this crime.this increased also to one other reason that those who were discarding such faced problems and were also many to save from consequences joined more serious problem is that all understand that the person is earning by illegal means but he pretends be to very fair and just,though this early rise shows that was not possible by fair means.other reason none dared to discard such on faces but enjoyed their parties and knowingly showed that you became rich by hard work .may be in taking bribe you need courage and tactics.the ambitions of a clerk are to live like officers.this pushed all in majority IN THIS HELL.BRIBE CORRUPTION AND CRIME.

corruption is related to crime mostly corrupt people are indulged in crimes and to save themselves they pay bribe from the money earned by wrong ways like theft fake products adulteration pickpocketing by not obeying systems or norms .all earning by wrong means come under corruption.if you sell aids products prevent from duty and work elsewhere is also corruption or wrong earning.many working for government are working elsewhere and reporting duty for some time and give some suvidha to concerned head is also black money generation and corruption.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

root of terrorism.

                             since last two decades the terrorism is seen in peak.the start was from African countries,Afghanistan and Pakistan. terrorist or terrorism is to create terror of any kind.but the start was from drug trafficking,illegal arms smuggling and other products smuggling.the support of some countries for their benefits or grudge to other countries made them strong.the leniency by the governments made then strong,and when the attention came it was too late.the united states suffered to help and support tali bans. osama or Saddam the biggest was against u.s.s.r. but it became like support of small anti socials to a big and in the end the coming wants to become supreme.illegal money earning was behind all in beginning,to get mass support and shelter the support of illiterates was taken.they could not understand what they are going for or to support.they misguided such many they are fighting for religion. but some in name of jehad were be-fooled. they even not knew when it is to be declared.the concept of jihad is when Islam is in danger,when any is preventing you to pray,preventing you to follow Islam ideologies.but they could not understand that what fear they had in Iraq,Afghanistan,Pakistan or other Arabian countries.there is also no threat of such in democratic countries like bangla desh,india,Malaysia or Indonesia. the question is why the incidents occurred there.india is a democratic secular country,why it effected india.the threat to Islam is not applying to such many it fails that they have to anything for Islam,so what is the motive behind this remains a mystery.their ways of suicidal bombs attack and other ways shows that the terrorists groups have filled such in mind that their target is only devil acts like to kill people.damage property,create havoc,create hatred or suspicion for others.their preliminary aim seems to be prevent the development of world.are these a group of atheists who want to finish humanity,faith in god or religion.may be like devil written in all religious books they enjoy in crime or losses of others.may be they are group of devil as mentioned in holy books as shaitans,who always like uncertainty.they are trained such that they are not easily known to the right or just.why their outfits of training and planning not reported by is impossible that their will be not single understanding or nationalists in their nearby places.or they so so shewed that they such hide outs where none can have many incidents have taken in world but no success in tracing their complete body.may be they are in such disguise that none can even many investigation it has been found that most of them were found drug addict.may be such have been made helpless to work for them by making addict to such without it they cannot live.and by earning money from smuggling,of drugs arms others they give so much of money that their near and dears also think that their children are earning from any business and being illiterates they not understand the source of their to trace such we will have to keep an eye on those who have grown in very short period and also have unbalanced amenities wealth not balancing with their earnings or business.the other routine checks many i wrote earlier to be made more strict without any allowances or favor or pressure. the citizens will have to cooperate to detect such anti socials in the flock in which we may can also catch terrorists.the motive behind such can be to earn illegal money or to divert from their actual activities they are indulged.much of research needed to end this from world.nothing impossible if properly managed.the previous successful operations can be shared for the techniques they often use.......